Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sell Homes by Simply Listening

         As you know Instant-Replays is always concerned about helping you increase sales and aiding in the overall success of your business through our performance improvement services. The following excerpt is based on a true shopping scenario the names have been taken out to protect the innocent. Ask yourself: Could this happen in your business? Has this already happened in your business? Can you afford to miss a sale?

Dear Mr. /Ms. / Mrs.  _________
    As you know, I have been looking for a home for quite some time now, and I am definitely interested in purchasing. However, I have concerns before I can make any final decisions. Although you have been very helpful in showing me beautiful homes, not all of them have met the standards I expressed to you when I started this journey. I feel like there is a lack of communication between us that we can easily fix. It’s possible that I may not have expressed enough importance on some of my desires. I know there must be a home out there that meets all my needs, and I’m confident you can help me find it. 
Since the beginning, I have been very adamant about having a spacious two story home because I do a lot of entertaining.  Besides my husband and two kids, I also have a big family that will be visiting from out of state often. I want them to have accommodations when necessary. I need space to entertain on major holidays and birthdays among other occasions. I need at least three bedrooms to accommodate my children, my husband and I.  Many of the one story homes I’ve seen only offer two bedrooms, but I want my children to have their own space. My guests will need a comfortable place to sleep as well; this means I need about four bedrooms to accommodate everyone properly. I want my new home to be comfortable and not crowded. Thank you so much for all your help, and I hope to hear from you soon.

The Lesson…
 "You have to listen to improve!" It can be difficult to find the right home for a client when they have several needs that should be met, but if you take time to truly listen to your client the process can be facilitated.
    The potential homebuyer has a lifestyle set in their mind when they step into a new home; immediately they are trying to imagine their lifestyle taking place in the new setting. As the agent, it is your job to paint a picture for them when they enter the home; the construction of the home is less important than relating to their desires in a lifestyle. For example, if the family enjoys entertaining than they will probably need a larger kitchen area to prepare meals for them, and several bedrooms to accommodate the guests. Taking time to listen to the client is important because you will discover what the client enjoys doing and the type of home they need to support all their requirements

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